Announcement of the meeting of the Supervisory Board


According to Article 133 of the Zagreb Stock Exchange Rules, Dalekovod d.d. hereby announces that a meeting of the Company's Supervisory Board will be held on 23 February 2024, at which the Supervisory Board will consider the consolidated and non-consolidated unaudited financial statements of the Company for the period 1 January - 31 December 2023.

Financial Statement Publication Schedule


In accordance with the Company's obligation to draw up and publish financial and business statements within legally established deadlines, and provide them to competent bodies, and for the purpose of unfettered access to information which could be of interest to financial service users, investors and for the general public, Dalekovod jsc makes available the following publication schedule of the Company’s financial and business statements in 2024:

February 23, 2024: Provisional Unaudited Annual Financial Statement for 2023
April 12, 2024: Audited Annual Financial Statement for 2023
April 26, 2024: Q1 2024 Unaudited Consolidated Financial Statement
July 25, 2024: H1 2024 Unaudited Consolidated Financial Statement
October 30, 2024: Q3 2024 Unaudited Consolidated Financial Statement

Dalekovod's offer selected in Sweden


Svenska kraftnät, the Swedish national electricity transmission company, after the evaluation process, sent a notification about the selection of the offer and the intention to sign the contract with the company Dalekovod d.d. according to the tender criteria for electrical assembly works on the new 400 kV power line on the CB Dockasberg - Rissuden section with a total length of 85 kilometers. The mentioned section is part of the Aurora Line project and is located in the very north of Sweden.

Contract signed for the construction of a 420 kV transmission line in Norway


According to the announcement of October 3, 2023, Norwegian Statnett, the company for the transmission of electricity and Dalekovod d.d. signed a contract for the construction of a new 420 kV transmission line on the Skaidi - Hyggevatn section with a total length of 54 km. The project continues the successfully completed 420 kV section of the transmission line between the Skillemoen and Skaidi substations. It is specific in that it will be built in arctic weather conditions due to its position in the far north of Norway.
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