The urbanization of man’s surroundings has created a rapid development in the area of lighting technics.

Modern roadways, sporting venues, industrial facilities, residential and tourist premises once again demand new solutions and adaptations for lighting and assembly of pylons that must meet technical and economic requirements, and meet esthetical criteria.

For the requirements of the market, the Dalekovod company has developed the production of lighting pylons types SRS, KORS and CRS as well as reflecting pylons type SUN and DARESTI. On the basis of long-term experience and necessary technical requirements, we have created typified pylons baed on their technical characteristics and purposes. The shown assortment is not complete, but will be complemented in parallel with the development of new types of pylons, as well as specific technical, climatic and architectural requirements for particular structures.

When designing public lighting, especially concerning lighting of larger buildings, our employees are prepared to assist you in determining the type of pylon that will best suit your needs. If from the illustrated assortment in this catalogue (Lighting pylons.pdf (1,87 MB)) you cannot find the required solution, we can offer you and develop an appropriate pylon type.

Besides the production of lighting and reflector pylons, the Dalekovod company offers you also its services for designing public lighting, delivery of equipment, implementation of complete works, and engineering for lighting of all buildings.

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