Dalekovod constructs and installs:

  1. traditional and insulated networks, substations at 0.4kV voltages,
  2. traditional and insulated lines, substations at 10kV and 20kV,
  3. transmission lines and substations up to 500kV,
  4. underground and submarine electrical power and PTT cables,
  5. contact network for railway lines,
  6. public and reflector lighting for streets, sporting venues and industrial premises,
  7. protective barriers, road signs and noise protection on roadways,
  8. reflector, lightning protection, antenna and television pylons,
  9. antennas,
  10. metal structures for various purposes,
  11. we offer services for maintenance, control and reconstruction of all premises,
  12. lighting of roadways and tunnels,
  13. equipment for ventilation and tunnels,
  14. equipment for signalization, fire protection and fire alarms at roadways, as well as equipment for remote management systems.

The Dalekovod company has for work purpose in the field specially equipped teams who can undertake works in all weather conditions and on any terrain.

The Dalekovod company in Zagreb goes a step ahead with technology and trends in the area of construction which is evident through participation at conferences, seminars and other events relating to the advancement of knowledge from the areas of construction and equipment.

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