Spaladium Arena

Spaladium Arena is a modern multi-purpose hall for 12,000 spectators, in which sports events, concerts, congresses, fairs, exhibitions and other events shall be held. Due to the limited high-quality capacities, the town Split has not been in a position to host the above events so far.

Dalekovod d.d. has completed its portion of installation works on the roof structure of the large Spaladium Arena hall in Split, according to the time schedule that has been adjusted with the Project Investor.

It is a very demanding project, specific qualities of which lie in the range of the roof structure being 78.5 m. Gas chambers, complete installations, air conditioning, score-boards and spotlights have been installed on the very roof, so that the roof has been subjected to a very heavy load (80-90t), which demanded special attention during performance of works.

In the same way, a one kilometer long path has been made on the roof with the purpose to be used by operators for manipulation of light effects, sounding and similar while events take place in the Arena.

World competition in handball, the largest handball event in the Croatian sports history, was held in the Arena in 2009.

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