Project 420 kV TL Sima - Samnanger

The location in the southern part of Norway with a maximum altitude of 600 meters and one of the most challenging projects placed before Dalekovod due to the configuration of the terrain.
The project involved the construction of new towers, but due to bad weather conditions (fog, rain, wind...) the works could be performed only during a certain period in the summer months. The only possible transport to this high location was the helicopter, thus for the first time the camp was built at an altitude of over 1000m with complete infrastructure; water, drainage, electricity, heating and daily food delivery. Along with superior logistics, the investor promised a premium if works are completed a month earlier than the agreed deadline, which was achieved, four days before the expiry of the term. At the opening of the transmission line Sima – Smnanger, the investor Statnett declared the project ‘the most successful project in history’.
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