Roads and Highways

In recent years DALEKOVOD has participated in the construction and equipping of highways, and has positioned itself in the field of energy, telecommunications and equipment as a responsible and reliable partner that operates according to accepted and adopted European standards.

Major references:

Zagreb – Split – Dubrovnik (A1)
Bregana – Zagreb – Lipovac (A3)
Zagreb – Varaždin – Goričan (A4)
Rijeka – Zagreb (A1 and A6)
Rupa – Rijeka (A7)
Rijeka – Zagreb Motorway (2007-2009)
- Kikovica - Stara Sušica section, construction phase II B – power, traffic and other equipment and COKP reconstruction
- Rijeka City Bypass, Orehovica – Diračje section

D8 Sveti Kuzam – Križišće (2009-2014)
- Transfer, relocation and protection of installations
- Road equipment and installations
o Group A – Traffic signaling and equipment
o Group B – Tunnel power supply, lighting, ventilation and equipment
o Group D – Telecommunications, tunnel fire alarms and remote management and control system

D31 Velika Gorica Bypass (2007-2010)
- Equipment and transfer of installations

D1 Solin – Klis – Sinj Expressway (2007–2014)
- Transfer and protection of installations
- Traffic equipment and signaling
- Works and equipment for PIS, SDUN and COKP
- Tunnel equipment

Zagreb - Karlovac – Sveti Rok – Split – Ploče Motorway (over 50 contracts for various sections)
- Equipment of tunnel tubes in Mala Kapela and Sveti Rok tunnels having a total length of almost 12 km
- Relocation and protection of installations
- Power supply and equipment of sections
- Lighting, telecommunications, traffic barriers and chain-link fencing
- COKP equipment
- Provision of bora wind protective barriers

Zagreb – Macelj Motorway (2007-2008)
- Power supply – high and medium voltage
- Equipment

Zagreb – Goričan Motorway (2007-2009)
- Power supply – high and medium voltage
- Equipment

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