Projects in the fjords

Dalekovod is the first foreign company that has managed to meet specific requirements in Norway. Crossing the fjords always brings a number of challenges.
The forces of nature in this climate are extremely powerful, and the project requirements include the use of special machines, building more massive constructions, which means more working hours. The first fjord was 2.8 kilometres wide and, in the absence of adequate tools and machinery, Dalekovod had to improvise a lot, but quickly adjustments were made and each project broke new records.
Already at the next fjord, the project was completed in 28 calendar or 22 business days, and the project after that, which was in many ways the most demanding with regard to the configuration of the terrain and strong currents, required descending into the sea and 7 ships regulating the traffic and transporting material.
Dalekovod tends to use the cutting-edge technology in order to perform even the most demanding tasks.
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