SS 400/110/35 kV RIbarevina

The task of Dalekovod in a consortium with Siemens was to provide as-built design documents, deliver all the equipment and to put the system into operation.
The project in Montenegro started with the construction of a transformer bay at the substation Ribarevina (400kV) and the expansion of buses. As in the case of Bitola 2, the whole process of achieving the project objectives had to be done while other bays at the substation work unhindered. In terms of construction, the project was very demanding, since it included the construction of a transformer bay, installation of a new transformer, numerous excavations, concrete works, lifting and lowering the portal while adjacent bays are at full power. The next step was the construction of a new substation Podgorica 5 close to the center of Podgorica, and the project is finalized by the construction of a cable through the city that required a seamless organization and implementation. It is in this and similar projects that concern about safety at work should be raised to the maximum, and readiness for timely interventions must never be called into question.
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