Dalekovod has been designing, manufacturing, installing and constructing antenna pylons and foundations for more than 40 years.

Steel antenna pylons of various shapes and heights, are designed to support antenna systems for radio, television, mobile telephony, radar, etc. The pylons are shaped and dimensioned in order to support a larger number of various types and sizes of antennas in all climatic conditions.

Antenna pylons are designed, manufactured and constructed in compliance with European standards, from quality materials of normal or increased strength. Components of the pylon structure are connected by bolts or welded together.

Standard pylon equipment includes:

  • ladder with a rear barrier or safety rope,
  • working and resting platform (with or without barrier),
  • cable support,
  • antenna signal lighting support,
  • earthing connection, etc.

Steel grill-like and pipe structures for pylons (with or without anchoring) is directly mounted into the concrete foundation or with the aid of a anchor bolt.

All the columns are protected from corrosion using hot-dip galvanization. Upon request by the client, the pylons are additionally protected by long-term high-quality lubricants, as prescribed by signal colors, in compliance with regulations for air transport.

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