Code of Conduct

This code was issued for the purpose of promoting the corporate culture of Dalekovod group that encourages conduct in compliance with the company’s fundamental values.
The Code provides the ethical rules to be complied with and the ethical requirements to be met by all persons to whom this Code applies. In addition, the Code clarifies ethical concerns that all stakeholders, in particular the employees, may encounter on a daily basis, as well as any violations they may commit in case they make an inappropriate decision.
Each stakeholder is expected to familiarize himself with the contents of the Code, to be aware of his obligations, and to act in accordance with the fundamental values and ethical rules of Dalekovod Group because the conduct and actions of each one of us affect our collective reputation.
By this Code of Conduct, we enhance our fundamental values, define our expectations for each stakeholder and provide our employees with guidelines for performing their activities, treating our investors, suppliers and other business partners, justifying our shareholders’ trust, and for treating each other.
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