In compliance with modernization of roadways, the Dalekovod company follows trends in terms of equipment and in its production program offers installation and manufacturing:

  • steel protective fencing for roadways,
  • fencing for premises and protective networks for overpasses,
  • barriers for protection against noise on highways,
  • traffic light poles and sign posts.

Protection against corrosion is performed in compliance with adopted European standards HRN EN ISO 1461, which guarantees a high quality of anticorrosive protection for galvanized products.

One of the safety elements in road traffic is the adequate and project defined steel safety barriers. The steel safety barrier should be placed at all dangerous roadways spots, so that its shape and external appearance becomes an optical guiding element, especially if the steel safety barrier is a fluorescent reflecting body.

The aim of the steel safety barriers is to maintain the turning vehicle, avoid uncontrolled motion of the vehicle, and significantly reducing the effects of an accident.

Dalekovod has certified safety barriers in compliance with European standards HRN EN 1317, which is an absolute guarantee of an European level of transport safety.

Since the first motorways in the Republic of Croatia were constructed with equipment for transport safety with a type B designation, Dalekovod has decided to undertake the development of protective barriers with the same designation, in order to achieve typified equipment relating to traffic safety. The designation, track, spacers and bolt goods are identical for structure solutions at all levels of traffic safety; only the pole with the associated cover-connectors appears as a specialty in relation to the level of safety. This standard of installed elements offers a great advantage to equipment in terms of maintaining roadways.

In the program for roadways Dalekovod delivers also barriers for protection against noise. The outside of the protective elements are covered with a highly effective particle-like layer similar to façade quality. The multipurpose application of all elements against noise pollution can be combined with other protective systems, such as: barriers for protection against noise made from acrylic glass and spaced grills.

Light Al cassettes offer optimal protection against noise on roads, bridges, railway lines and other facilities. Construction of new roadways requires an altogether different approach, especially when it concerns the total safety of the vehicle traveling on such roadways.

Various types of portals where at required positions completely or partially cover the road profile allowing traffic signalization (various traffic signs – lighting or reflective, determined signage) identification of greater distances, which certainly contributes to the total sadety of traffic on roads equipped with modern signalization.

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