Reliable operation of high-voltage transmission lines completely depends on suspension and jointing equipment that is today manufactured in modern production workshops.

Using the technological processes of casting, forging, mechanical treatment, welding, sand blasting and galvanization, the suspension and jointing equipment is finished to a high quality, which guarantees reliability and durability in a long exploitation period.

One of the goals of the Dalekovod company is the development of methods, technologies, projects and equipment that must be technically simple and economically acceptable.

Quality assurance allows the application of standard ISO 9001:2000. Testing is preformed in an accredited laboratory in compliance with standards HRN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2007, while the products are tests in compliance with the following standards:

Mechanical testing:

  • IEC 61284:1997
  • BS 3288:Part 1:1997
  • HRN N.F2.010:1979

Quality of hot-dip galvanization:

  • HRN EN ISO 1461:2001
  • HRN EN ISO 2178:1999
  • HRN EN ISO 1460:2000
  • HRN C.A6.021:1996
  • HRN C.A6.020:1996

Mufflers and spacers:

  • IEC 61897 for vibration mufflers
  • IEC 61854 for spacers

Measuring and calculating/assessing strength of low-frequency electrical and magnetic fields:

  • HRN IEC 61786:2001
  • DIN VDE 0848:2000
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