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Dalekovod is present in many world markets and employs more than 1,300 employees who work at construction sites across Europe, manufacturing facilities in Croatia or in the office which provides support for all projects.

All together, working closely for years, convert goals, mission and vision of our company into a reality. That is exactly what makes Dalekovod such a great company to work for with pleasure. You just need to choose.

On the field

Discover the exciting world of construction of transmission lines, substations and infrastructure in construction sites across Europe. Become a part of a team that has, so far, built more than 12,000 kilometers of power lines up to 750 kV, OPGW total length of 4.000 kilometers, more than 700 base stations for the GSM mobile telephony, 500 km of projects for infrastructure, roads and highways , and 22 tunnels.

In production
Join the team that produces components for the construction of our projects, especially taking care of the highest quality standards and respect deadlines. Deliveries of more than 15,000 tons of metal structures and 3,500 tons of suspension and jointing equipment travel to more than 40 countries accross the globe.

In the offices

Be a part of a professional team which is consisted of top professionals from various business sectors, but also the leading engineers in project management who through support to all business segments, create added value for our shareholders and stakeholders.
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