1. Design of substations up to 400 kV

2. Construction of substations up to 750 kV
- AIS - air insulated substations 
- GIS - gas insulated substations
- Hybrid - Hybrid substations

3. Instalation, testing, equipping and commisioning
- primary equipment 
- secondary equipment
- auxiliary systems and other 

4. Jointing equipment for substations and switchyards includes:

  • connectors
  • carriers - connectors
  • conductor supports
  • apparatus rivets
  • tube busbars
  • spacers for bundled conductors
  • caps and caps with anti-coronial rings for tube busbars

Materials, shape, cross-section and type of anticorrosive protection are chosen on the basis of necessary electrical and mechanical characteristics of jointing equipment and its reliability in exploitation in relation to the planned lifetime, electrical and mechanical exertion, impact by the surroundings and atmospheric conditions, i.e. rain, snow, ice, aggressive gases, salt, UV radiation and other effects.

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