Donations and Sponsorships

In accordance with its development strategy as a social responsible company, Dalekovod has for years being active in the area of sponsoring humanitarian activities, science and education, culture and the arts, sports and sustainable development and health. The aim is to create a society based on knowledge and to create opportunities for young people.

Donation to Petrova hospital 2015

Our company responded to the appeal of the Head of Clinical hospital center Zagreb, professor Hrvoje Vrčić and with a quick intervention alleviated unbearable conditions in Petrova Hospital caused by high summer heat. Within two days of the appeal, air conditioners, that will allow patients and staff to get through the summer months, were installed in the department of oncology.  

Midsummer holiday celebration 2010

Dalekovod d.d. participated as a sponsor of Midsummer holiday celebration 2010., giving support to mutual humanitarian project of Nordic Chamber of Commerce and UNHCR with the purpose of providing equipment and modernising the film workshop section of Davorin Trstenjak school in Hrvatska Kostajnica.

Christmas Donation 2008

This year we have also decided to provide help during the Christmas and New Year to those who badly need it. In other words, we have granted a donation of 300.000,00 kunas to a humanitarian action "Step into life" as a support to A-level school leavers without an adequate parents’ care and to wards of orphanages and foster families who wish to continue their education by attending universities and further 200.000,00 kn to the Association of Croatian Defenders who receive treatment for PTSP in the Šibenik-Knin County.

The second Šibenik expedition on Kilimanjaro

Dalekovod also took part in sponsorship of the Šibenik expedition to the roof of the Black continent. More information can be found in the article: The second Šibenik expedition on Kilimanjaro.pdf (64 KB)


Croatia EXPODalekovod d.d. Zagreb has taken part in sponsorship of the World Exhibition Expo 2008 that shall be held at Zaragoza in Spain from 14 June till 14 Sep 2008. (

Christmas Donation 2007

This year after having contemplated and considered the situation in the society and after recognizing the needs of the society in general and the individuals in particular, we have decided to donate the money to the Firefighting community of the Šibenik-Knin County, in other words to the families of those fireman who died while fighting the fire on the Kornati islands and also to the Foundation of Ana Rukavina as a support in financing the voluntary bone marrow donorship system. Letter of thanks.pdf (842 KB)

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