About Dalekovod

Dalekovod is a modern organization which offers services including engineering, manufacturing and construction. The company has specialized in carrying out contract works based on turn-key solutions in the following areas:

Electrical power utility especially the 0.4 to 1000kV transmission line
Sub-stations of all types and voltage levels up to 500kV
Air, underground and marine cables rated up to 110kV
Telecommunications utilities
All types of networks and antennas
Production of suspension and jointing equipment for all types of transmission lines and substations between 0.4 and 500kV
Development and construction of all metal parts for roadways, especially for: road lighting, protective fencing and traffic signalization
Tunnel lighting and traffic management
Electrification of railway and tramway lines in cities
1993 the company became a joint stock company.

Dalekovod d.d. has many years of experience in testing and quality control of its products, taking consideration of environmental protection and other ecological requirements. Special attention is given to work safety practices, fire protection, chemical protection and other protective measures on the work place.
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