Social responsibility

Our business is focused on the creation of value-adding in business for operations that are the subject of our company’s business (design, manufacturing and construction of power transmission lines 1000kV and telecommunication lines and poles as well as steel structures, suspension and jointing materials, construction of power facilities and anti-corrosive protection of metals using hot galvanization and engineering) with an emphasis on the importance of our employees and their professional development as well as satisfaction of our clients. Our company’s mission is responsible behavior in society so that our sustainable development complies with the interests of the wider community and requirements relating to environmental protection. Dalekovod d.d. Zagreb is a signatory of the Codex of business ethics verified and recommended by the Croatian Chamber of Commerce. It defines the basic principles of ethical behavior for business in the Croatian business community.

Dalekovod d.d. is a member of the UN Global Compact whereby the company has committed itself to:

1. Human rights:

  • Respect and support the protection of internationally recognized human rights
  • Not participate in violating human rights

2. Worker rights:

  • Application of free association and in real terms recognize the right to collective agreements
  • Root out all forms of forced labor
  • Elimination of child labor
  • Avoid discrimination when employing for work posts

3. Environmental protection:

  • Carefully and responsibly resolve all issues relating to environmental protection
  • Initiate initiatives whose goal it is to promote greater responsibility towards the environment
  • Encourage development and adoption of technology which are acceptable for the environment

4. Elimination of corruption:

  • Fight all forms of corruption including extortion and bribery

At Dalekovod d.d. social and responsible undertaking of business occurs through:

  • Prohibition of underage labor
  • Permanent employee education
  • Care for the environment (ISO 14001)
  • Improving working conditions
  • Improving health and occupational safety (ISO 45001)
  • Continual improvement of product quality and process management (ISO 9001)
  • Increasing worker pay in conformance with the complexity of worker tasks and work averages
  • Monitoring the level of client satisfaction
  • Monitoring the number of complaints by consumers
  • Monitoring the level of employee satisfaction
  • Compliance with all laws of the Republic of Croatia in the area of environmental protection
  • Monitoring energy consumption

In 2007 we passed our own Corporate Governance Code

In accordance with our development strategy as a socially responsible company, we have for years being active in the area of sponsoring humanitarian activities, science and education, culture and art, sport, sustainable development and health. Our goal is the creation of a society of knowledge and the development of perspectives for young people.


Employees are our greatest asset. We consider that our employees are the key to every company’s success. Today at Dalekovod, we employ around 1700 people.

Employees possess the key role considering the fact that their knowledge and skills make this company renowned amongst the competition and more successful on the market.

Any investment in knowledge and skills offer multiple returns.

At Dalekovod, there exists a program for the additional training of employees and the opportunity for learning and prequalification regardless of age. Therefore, each employee is offered the opportunity for additional training.

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