Management Systems

The Dalekovod company has in place and applies the following management systems: quality management system, environmental management system, management system for health and safety at work.

The Dalekovod company has received a certificate issued by Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance for quality management system ISO 9001:2000 and for welding operations based on EN 720-2 and environmental management system ISO 14001:2004, a certficate issued by RWTÜV for health and safety management system OHSAS 18001, and a certficate for metal structures DIN 18800-7:2002 issued by SLV Munchen. Dalekovod Laboratory is accredited based on the required standards HRN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2007 confirmed by the Croatian Accreditation Agency.

Declaration on the Policy of Sustainable Development

Our activities and desires relate to creating additional values in design, manufacturing, installations and engineering electrical power, transport and telecommunication facilities on the market in central and south-eastern Europe, while being fully orientated to satisfy our clients. Our mission is to offer a complete service for infrastructural activities founded on the principles of business excellence and superior quality.

As the leading company in the Republic of Croatia in equipping larger infrastructural facilities on roadways and railway lines, and in power engineering and telecommunications with a vision that it be in the region of south-easern Europe, we are conscious of our responsibility and our impact of a large number of business entitites and the public, and we accept and maintain the principle of sustainable development as one of our main strategic decisions.

Our business policies and activities promote sustainable development taking into account the needs of today, while not bringing into question the general good of future generations.

We are obliged to responsibly manage environmental issues by adopting the system conforming to the standard ISO 14001:2004, and that we shall comply with legal regulatiosn an dother requirements applicable to the area of our business, while using ecologically acceptable technologies and processes.

Sustainable development, environmental protection and continual care for the health protection of employees are our permanent business concernes, because we are conscious of the inavoidable relationship between the desire for economic growth and the desire to a healthy environment.

We shall promote the advancement of environmental protection, and the rational management of property and waste, while reducing the consumption of natural resources.

We shall implement continual notification and education of employees with the aim of improving their knowledge of the environment and promote a greater responsibility in environmental protection. All employees are responsible to undertake everything necessary in order to protect themselves, their working collegues, equipment and products.

In public appearances and promotional activities, we shall inform the public of the results we have achieved in the area of environmental protection and sustainable development.
This policy is accessible to the public.

The Policy of a Quality System for the Dalekovod Laboratory

Regarding this policy of quality, the Board of Dalekovod Laboratory for electromechanical and chemical testing obliged itself to adopt good professional practices and quality testing when offering services to its clients.

Dalekovod Laboratory Board stats the intentions of the Laboratory:

  • Completion of services in the contracted deadline and in agreement with customers,
  • Completion of testing in accordance with customer demands and testing methods as agreed to,
  • Ensure the customer protection of confidential information and ownership rights.

The quality policy includes:

  • Assessment of demands, offer and contract and to ensure thos testing methods which the laboratory can perform,
  • When selling services and needs, and which influence the quality of testing, the Dalekovod Laboratory will use only reliable suppliers,
  • Allow the use or other party to resolve complaints quickly and objectively,
  • Non-compliant management to be investigated,
  • Implementation of repairs and protective works on the basis of appropriate authorisation and responsibilities.

The permanent goals of the quality system are:

  • Satisfying the customer’s interests, the interests of the supplier of services and goods, but also the interests of the Dalekovod Laboratory,
  • Undertake testing without complaints by the customer of the other party,
  • In accordance with needs, undertake in the Dalekovod Laboratory the necessary changes or improvements in order to train personnel, improve accomodation conditions, expand testing methods, procure new equipment, ensure a better quality in test results and their presentation.

All personnel performing testing in the Dalekovod Laboratory are well aware of the documentastion on quality systems and apply the respective policy, aims and procedures in their work.

An integral part of the laboratory’s policy is an unbiased and independent approach and performing only those tests for which the Dalekovod Laboratory is professionally equipped and for which it possesses appropriate equipment, and that testing is performed exclusively based on prescribed methods upon which test results are compiled.

All laboratory activities are to be performed in compliance with standards HRN EN ISO/IEC 17025.

The Dalekovod company has established and maintained rules for management, quality, the environment, and health and safety at work which includes areas applicable for the quality system, directed towards documented procedures (work procedures) established for the management system, and the for the quality management system a description of the mutal relationship for the processes.

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