Dalekovod MK

In over 70 years of operation, Dalekovod has grown into a company whose quality has been recognized in more than 80 countries. 

Production programs:
The company specialises in the manufacture of structures and equipment:
• suspension and jointing equipment (up to 750 kV), electric power facilities, particularly transmission lines with voltages ranging from 0.4 to 1000 kV
• metal structures. • substations of all types and voltage levels up to 500 kV
• telecommunication facilities, all types of networks and antennas
• suspension and jointing equipment for transmission lines and substations from 0.4 to 750 kV 
• all types of metal parts for roads, e.g. road lighting, protective barriers and traffic signalisation
Key Figures tunnel lighting and traffic management
• suspension and jointing equipment: > 3,500 t/year electrification of railways and city trams
• metal structures: > 15,000 t/year
And provision of the following services:

• forging and pressing of forged steel
• casting (moulds)
• forging and pressing of non-ferrous metals
• metal machining, heat treatment and thermal cutting
• design services
• mounting and disassembly services
• laboratory testing
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