During the 1980s, a group of enthusiasts and aficionados of nature and companionship decided to found the "DALEKOVOD" Mountaineering Association. Today, the Association draws together many members and it has numerous programmes which serve both for companionship and to show people the way of responsible behaviour towards the nature.
Back in the faraway 1968, a chess club was founded as one of the sporting activities of workers at Dalekovod d.d., which brought together ten chess players. They represented Dalekovod d.d. at workers’ games, in the Zagreb Chess League and at the Chess Cup of ex-Yugoslavia.

During that period there were several noticeable achievements, with approximately ten first prizes, thirty second and third prizes at all levels of competition among chess players from that category.

On 18 October 1998, at the founding assembly, the Dalekovod Chess Association was founded, comprising 17 members (9 registered members and 8 supporting members). Following its registration, the Association entered the competition in the 4th Chess League-Centre (1999).

In 2000 they won the first place and entered the 3rd Chess League-Centre.

In 2001 they met with a large number of competing teams and in 2002 they won the first place and entered the 2nd Chess League-Centre.

In 2003 they consolidated their team with inter masters (Vladimir Bukal, Vladimir Bukal Jr., Dinko Brumen) and ended the year in the fourth place.

In 2004 they became champions of the 2nd Chess League-Centre and entered the 1st League.

The year 2005 will be recorded as the year when they competed in the premier league.

Today the Dalekovod Chess Association has 23 members (16 registered players and 7 supporting members).
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