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Unidal d.o.o. Vinkovci - The company Unidal d.o.o. Vinkovci was founded on 1 January 2006 as a joint company of DALEKOVOD, Zagreb, Croatia and Unior d.d., Zreče, Slovenia.

The company was transformed from a blacksmith workshop that was in existence from the beginning of the previous century. It was from 1963 till 2005 that the company operated as a production unit of DALEKOVOD Zagreb.

The core business of the company is fabrication of hot forged forgings within the following production program:

  • Production of forgings for suspension and jointing equipment for all types of transmission lines up to 500 kV
  • Production of forgings for the electrification of railway lines
  • Production of forgings for the automobile industry (forgings for control mechanisms of motor vehicles and various suspension elements of undercarriage)
  • Production of all types of multi-purpose forgings

Five forge generator units produce around 250 tons of forgings monthly, masses from 0.1 to 2 kg (except up to 5 kg mass depending on the shape and dimension of the forging). Devices used in the forging process are drop and air hammers of 1500 to 3900 kpm and friction presses and horizontal forging machines.

Production of forgings is carried out in compliance with the requirements of ISO 9001:2000 international standard and the established ISO TS 16949 standard for the automobile industry.

Forging services

Within the production activities of the Dalekovod company there exists the Vinkovci plant involved in warm plastic deformation – forging in anvils.

The plant area amounts to 22,522m2 and the premises themselves take up almost 9.100m2.

The VINKOVCI PLANT consists of:

  • Office structure with works preparation,
  • Tool section,
  • Forgery,
  • Equipment and premises maintenance,
  • Control of product quality and production processes.

The structural office with work preparations undertakes the structure otkivaka and the necessary tools and devices using CAD/CAM application packets, for 3D modeling "CATIA", places a technical and engineering standard and monitors the production process.


Undertakes the development of tools for forging, pressing, cutting and drilling and all other tools and devices that require production processes. Thermal treatment is performed in the programmed electric arch furnaces.


Undertakes forging steel products of various types of steel masses up to 3kg and exceptionally up to 5kg, depending on the geometry of the product. Besides this, products made from non-ferrous metals.


Here roating-hearth furnaces are manufactured for heating forged steel and middle renovations of the companies machinery.


Is performed in compliance with ISO, IEC and EN standards.

The Vinkovci plant operation system is organized in compliance with ISO-9001 standards.
Regarding equipment, the following may be emphasized:

  • Splitter 500t,
  • Air-hammer MPM 1000,
  • Air-hammer MPM 500,
  • Air-hammer MS-160 for forging,
  • Hammer KJH-4,
  • Excentric press - 400t, 250t, 100t, 80t, 50t,
  • Machinery for cleaning forged steel,
  • Electric arch furnace for the normalization of forged steel,
  • Electrical central furnace,
  • Bender,
  • Horizontal forging machine SMZE 13,
  • Magnetoflux for revelaing fissures in forged steel and all other equipment.

The Vinkovci plant manufactures forged steel for suspension and jointing equipment for all types of transmission lines up to 500kV, for the electrification of railway lines, for the automobile industry, as well as all other types of forged steel for various purposes.

32 100 Vinkovci, Kneza Mislava 42
E-mail: [email protected]
Tel: +385 32 323 999 - Exchange
Fax: +385 32 323 206 Taxpayer's No.: 1894846
PIN: 87561733510

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