Relocation and rehabiltiation of power distribution and transmission lines, laying and protection of telecommunication installations on M/W Zagreb - Sisak, section Valika Gorica - Buševec - Lekenik

Annex to Construction Agreement- Rehabilitation of the Maslenica bridge on the public highway D8 that includes traffic signalization and management control, lighting signalization and earthing of facilites, civil engineering works for cable installation and technical devices

Rehabilitation of power transmission and distribution projects on the crossing with Baumax in Kašteli


Construction of public highway D118 Vela Luka - Smokvica - Korčula, section: Dubovo - Kapja, relaying of installation

Construction of I phase of bypass Velika Gorica on D31 with the connecting road D408 - equipping and laying of installations

Construction Agreement - Construction of a compensation First Aid Institution, Heinzlova 88


Electric power supply of section Krapina - Macelj, AC Zagreb - Macelj

Providing equipment and power supply of section Op Jakuševac - Velika Gorica, M/W Zagreb - Sisak

Works related to supply, lighting and water supply of the border crossing plateau Macelj, on M/W Zagreb - Macelj, section Krapina Macelj


Performance of design, construction and installation of steel structures at the terminal building B at the Dubrovnik airport

Construction of guard-rails at VV "E. Kvaternik", Slunj

Agreement on performance of works 2509/1/07 - Relaying of public highway D7, section Darda - Osijek, western bypass Osijek

Protection works and relaying of the existing installations, group of works I, within M/W Zagreb – Split – Dubrovnik, section Ploče 1 – Luka Ploče


Fabrication, delivery and installation of type guard rails for viaduct Radovići - Construction of M/W ZG-ST-DU sector Split - Ploče, subsector Dugopolje - Šestanovac, section: Dugopolje - Bisko and Bisko - Šestanovac

Suspension structures and protective guard rail on A4 Zagreb - Goričan


Performance of works with regard to installation of new lighting poles on the dr. Franjo Tuđman bridge on the public road D8 in Dubrovnik


Providing equipment for Đakovo - Sredanci, M/W Beli Manastir - Osijek - Svilaj


Electrical works in I construction phase PUO Vukova Gorica

Suplementary Agreement on Construction of a expressway Solin-Klis-Sinj(D1), section junction Podi-Križice, M/W equipment

Agreement on construction - Performance of electrical installation works on construction of expressway Šibenik - Drniš - Knin - border of BiH - 1. phase, section: junction Šibenik 1 (JAC) - Tromilja (Ag.No.:800-53/2007)

Agreement on construction - performance of works and provision of equipment PIS, SDUN and COKP Dugopolje expressway Solin - Klis D1, subsection: Dračevac - Majdan, tunnel Mravinice - left (west) tube

Relaying of the public highway D7, section Darda - Osijek, western bypass Osijek

Modernization of D38, section Ruševo - Slobodna Vlast - Levanjska - Varoš, subsection I, II, III

Lighting of traffic at Service Facilities Draganić north and south, traffic lighting of M/W at Service Faciltiy Draganić, traffic equipment and telecommunication installations

Protection of electric power lines on the crossing with the relocated county road Ž 6091 Dubrava - Bilice

Annex of Agreement on construction of base stations

Delivery of lighting poles for the Municipality Tribunj

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