Board Membership Changes


Dalekovod d.d. hereby informs of Management Board membership changes effective September 1st, 2016. In keeping with the decision adopted in the General Assembly of Dalekovod d.d. to increase the number of Management Board members to six, Ivica Kranjčić has been elected as a new member of the Management Board.
Ivica Kranjčić will join COB Alen Premužak and members Helena Jurčić Šestan, Marko Jurković, Mirko Leko and Branimir Alujević and leave his previous position in Hrvatska pošta. In Hrvatska pošta in the last seven years he has been Head of IT Division, Head of Support Services Division, member of the Board in charge of Human Resource Management and COB. Ivica Kranjčić holds a degree in information technology and prior to his employment with Hrvatska pošta he has been holding executive-level positions in several prominent IT companies. In Dalekovod he will be a Board member in charge of human resources, information technology and security.
Photo: Lider Media
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